Artwork Statements

Millions of tourist are continually descending on the many wonders of the world in the massive global migration known as tourism. A gigantic infrastructure has been built up to support what has become the world's largest industry. Built on the premise of enabling closer contact with the world's wonders, this industry now threatens to smother the objects of its desire. One often sees hundreds of cheap simulacra before seeing the real thing.

In fact, hotels, photos and souvenirs - often provided by multinational entities - have become more important to both tourists and locals. This dangerous trans-national phenomenon is aggravated by the processes of "development" and "globalization" which damage local culture in order to provide cultural consumption for the people of rich nations.

The original wonder has been reduced to being in the background, out of focus and obscured by souvenirs.

Globanality Sites & Locations: (as of 11/2000)

  • Kaminari Gate Tokyo, Japan
  • Ryoanji Zen Garden Kyoto, Japan
  • Kingakuji Temple Kyoto, Japan
  • Kani Doraku Restaurant Osaka, Japan
  • Zuboraya Restaurant Osaka, Japan
  • Cui-Daore Restaurant Osaka, Japan
  • Osaka Castle Osaka, Japan
  • Kofuku-ji Pagoda Nara, Japan
  • Todai-ji Great Buddha Nara, Japan
  • Mino Waterfall Mino, Japan
  • Kaneishi Stone Asuka, Japan
  • Sokuram Grotto Gyong-ju, Korea
  • Tabo-tap Pagoda Gyong-ju, Korea
  • Chomsong-dae Observatory Gyong-ju, Korea
  • Wat Po Reclining Buddha Bangkok, Thailand
  • Grand Palace Bangkok, Thailand
  • Formasa Fortress Melaka, Malaysia
  • Keklok-si Pagoda Penang, Malaysia
  • Preaching Buddha Sculpture Sarnath, India
  • Ashoka Pillar Sarnath, India
  • Ganges River Varanasi, India
  • Jantar Mantar Observatory Jaipur, India
  • Taj Mahal Mausoleum Agra, India
  • Erotic Temple Carvings Khajuraho, India
  • Gate of India Bombay, India
  • C.K.S. Memorial Hall Taipei, Taiwan
  • Gin Kan Lou Taipei, Taiwan