Artwork Statements

@rtomatic is an automated art gallery and robotic art dealer. It was created by converting a new electronic snack vending machine to dispense small artworks. Artists have been solicited to create small multiple artworks for display and distribution through @rtomatic, and it can contain twelve different artworks with fifteen multiples of each at any one time. The artworks are priced in a range of between $2 and $10 and can be purchased directly by an art consumer using the digital selector and dollar coins.

@rtomatic displays and dispenses a diverse collection of artworks in a wide range of media, including: literature, poetry, bookworks, prints, painting, sculpture, music, fashion and jewellery. The goal is to establish a network of @rtomatic galleries around the world where they will display and distribute artworks created by the local creative communities as well as popular artwork from other countries.

@rtomatic was created to smash down the elitist ivory-tower of the fine art world and to act as a direct link between artists and art lovers. @rtomatic delivers artwork to the masses. You don't have to know much about art, just what you like, and the robot art dealer does the rest. From gallery to hand with no fuss, and affordable too! ©onsume®s say ¥£$!

Artworks that have been exhibited and sold through @rtomatic:

  • Plastic fetish objects "Mr. Funnelpaint" by Tony Hamilton.
  • Art bookworks "Heart Thing" by Erella Vent.
  • Four colour wood block prints "Self Portrait" by Matt Harley.
  • Cut and fold paper sculptures "Zamix 3-D" by Rene Zamic.
  • Audio cassettes "Big Fish, Small Pond" by the Look People.
  • Audio cassettes "Solo Po-mo a Go-go" by Kurt Swinghammer.
  • Audio cassettes "Love to Play" by The Lost Dakotas.
  • Small bottles of liquid "Napotion" by Napoleon Brousseau.
  • Printing stamps "Rubber/Stamp" by Doug Guildford.
  • Laboratory scraps "Discontinued Stock" by Laura Kikauka and Gordon Monahan of Funny Farm Laboratories.
  • Computer game diskettes "Silly Stack" by Steev Morgan.
  • Compilations of text art "Fly" by Helen Orr.
  • Candy wrapped condoms "Bon Bon Condom" by Melanie Coates.
  • Printed headbands "Happening Headbands" by Kingi Carpenter of Peach Berserk Cocktails.
  • Wearable amulets "Kewpie Khrist" and "Mystic Medallion" by Fiona Smyth.
  • Packaged artist "Self Product-Shelf Portrait" by Jamie Osborne.
  • Art bookworks "Texture Book" by Andrew Owen.